Girls + Boys Tiny Tots Gymnastics


2-5 years

The social skills of sharing, helping, and listening are just as important to learn as any other gymnastics skill. “Learning by doing” is the motto for teaching children of this age. Rolling, swinging, balancing, bwd/fwd traveling, and jumping are among some of the perpetual motions this age group will learn. The children will be presented with a combination of skills to work on in order to improve their memory, which will be instilled by repetition.

Partner activities and group challenges are introduced during this time of a childs' life. Progressions of challenging skills for vault, bars, beam, and floor are introduced now that the children have a higher level of physical maturity. With an increased attention span and increase in strength and flexibility, gymnastics skills are acquired more easily at this age. Circuit stations involving 2 or more tasks at each event will help the child develop stronger focus as well as challenge their memory skills. The coaches encourage creative thinking and problem solving throughout the entire class.